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How It All Began...

Many of you have wondered, some have asked, why this site was created.
I've told you how the case has bothered me from the beginning and how those of us, at wheres-andrea.com, want answers & justice for Andrea.

While that is true, there is more to it...

It began September 27, 2007.
Teresa and I were chatting online, as we often do, when the subject of the Andrea Gonzalez case came up.
To this day neither of us can recall how we got started talking about it but we began a little "research" and we discussed our views and opinions and talked about how someone should start a website... that someone turned out to be us!
So we both got to work. I took care of all the technical stuff, behind the scenes type work. And Teresa set out gathering information, talking to people, all the "in your face" stuff.
She's the Aaron to my Moses!(if you're not sure what I mean here, get out your Bible and read the story.)
We aren't the only ones contributing to the site, mind you. Louise H. has been a big help. Without her, this site wouldn't be possible.
Also, Shirley S. has contributed to the production of our awareness merchandise which is a big help, as well.
There are several others who have helped out in one way or another but if I listed everyone, I'd be here all day.

So anyway, after a few days of getting organized...
On September 30, 2007 Andrea's Myspace page was created.
After the news media got wind of the site, our story ran in several papers here in Alabama and in Illinois.
That's what prompted me to take it a step farther, thus, wheres-andrea.com was born on October 14, 2007.

Since that time we've received many messages of encouragement, friend requests, and tips.
We've prayed from day one and believe it is God who nudged us into starting this site.
I feel as though He had it planned from the very beginning.
I was only about 14 when Andrea disappeared but it concerned me deeply and stayed with me through the years. I knew what everyone was saying back then but I never believed it. I had dreams or "feelings" about a certain house. I kept seeing it over and over & I knew it had something to do with Andrea but, to this day, I do not know the connection.
Recently, I had a vision of a person (a young man, I think) sitting on a stool or chair in a dark room facing an old metal heater (the large stand alone kind with the bars across the front and the little holes toward the top). I was looking only at his back but he appeared to be afraid, sitting very still, erect, with hands in his lap.
I don't know what it means and I've only shared it with a few people.
They, in return, shared their own dreams with me.

I'm no prophet so I can't say what God is going to do in all of this & I don't claim to be a super spiritual person.
I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ but I've had my ups and downs. I've messed up, backslid if you prefer, more times than I can count. But by God's grace and mercy, I was never too far gone that I couldn't come crawling back to Him for forgiveness and a "second chance".
I'm not perfect, no one is, and I'm far from where I want to be in my Christianity. But I believe that God is strongest in the midst of our weakness.
I believe He is behind wheres-andrea.com! I've believed it from the start. His Spirit is moving every day and I believe that something miraculous will take place someday soon!

There have been SO many things happen in the past few months and so many more still happening.
I hope that everyone who visits this site will take time to say a prayer for Andrea.
She is out there somewhere & in the name of Jesus... she will be found.

Email: LittleGirlLostAG@aol.com

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